self-powered cctv unit

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Rapid deployment cctv

With our outstanding selection of quick deployment CCTV towers, V360 is bringing the security sector into a new age with the most cutting-edge technology and A.I. learning.

For UK property owners, installing a wired fixed CCTV system is not always feasible owing to accessibility concerns, an absence of mains power, or due to the fact that you only require a short-term surveillance service.

If you find yourself in this situation, a portable CCTV tower with 360-degree auto-tracking cameras peering below atop a commanding 7-meter telescopic pole can be the ideal, reasonably priced answer for your site.

Why select a rapid deployment CCTV tower?

Reducing security expenses

Mobile CCTV towers are an excellent approach to save security expenditures without compromising the safety of your facility or workers, and they may in fact take the place of security officers in many places.

No need for mains electricity

CCTV towers require no connection to mains electrical energy, are very low upkeep, and have batteries that may last as much as two years.

They can also be powered completely by eco-power through solar panels and wind turbines.

Remote monitoring

All of our CCTV towers offer secure mobile network wireless transmission via 5G, enabling highly knowledgeable security specialists stationed at a central surveillance station to continuously keep track of the entire site.


When you pick V360 to set up a quick deployment CCTV tower, you will have total control over the colour and branding design.

CCTV tower options

At V360, we have both an Eco tower and an A.I. tower offered, both with its unique set of terrific functions and both of which run as a substantial visual deterrent to thieves.

A.I. Tower

Our AI tower is far and away the best when it comes to using expert system to offer the ideal solution to all of your security needs.

Some of the key features our CCTV towers consist of:

  • Facial recognition – Utilizing facial recognition you can make certain that only authorised individuals have the ability to access. Functions regardless of masks and helmets.
  • Low light technology – Utilise low light technologies to keep your site completely secure around-the-clock and to provide images that are sharp even on the darkest nights.
  • Virtual tripwires – Protect important locations by installing virtual tripwires that will send a remote difficulty to burglars.

Eco Tower

The UK’s only totally eco-powered mobile CCTV tower, our eco tower provides 360-degree surveillance, 24-hour recording, and a 40-meter detection range.

Our market-leading mono-crystalline split cell BlueSolar Panels are more than efficient in powering the whole system, getting rid of the requirement for battery replacements, mains-powered cameras, or a generator.

Who requires a CCTV tower?

Construction Sites

Construction websites are prime prospects for mobile CCTV towers.

It’s common for them to be substantial, difficult-to-reach areas with challenging terrain and no access to the power grid.

Rapid deployment CCTV towers are the best option for construction site security offering unmatched reliability and monitoring innovation without the requirement for a costly generator.

Void Property

One of the most convenient approaches to keep expenditures down on an uninhabited property is a CCTV tower that can carry out all the functions of an irreversible CCTV system, alarm, and access control gate in one fantastic package.