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Rapid deployment cctv

With our impressive selection of quick deployment CCTV towers, V360 is bringing the security sector into a new age with the most cutting-edge technology and A.I. learning.

For UK property owners, installing a wired static CCTV system is not always feasible owing to accessibility problems, an absence of mains power, or because you just need a short-term monitoring solution.

If you find yourself in this dilemma, a portable CCTV tower with 360-degree auto-tracking cameras peering down from atop a commanding 7-meter telescopic pole can be the perfect, reasonably priced answer for your site.

Why pick a rapid deployment CCTV tower?

Reducing security expenses

Mobile CCTV towers are a great method to minimize security costs without compromising on the safety of your site or staff, effectively getting rid of the requirement for security guards on many properties.

No requirement for mains electrical energy

The batteries in CCTV towers may last approximately 2 years, they are extremely low upkeep, and they don’t need to be linked to the mains energy.

They can also be powered totally by eco-power through photovoltaic panels and wind turbines.

Remote surveillance

Due to the secure mobile network wireless transmission used by all of our CCTV towers through 5G, highly certified security workers stationed at a main surveillance station have the ability to constantly watch the whole site.


When you select V360 to set up a quick deployment CCTV tower, you will have total control over the colour and branding style.

CCTV tower options

At V360, we have both an Eco tower and an A.I. tower available, both with its unique set of terrific features and both of which run as a considerable visual deterrent to thieves.

A.I. Tower

Our AI tower is far and away the very best when it comes to applying expert system to provide the optimal option to all of your security needs.

Some of the key includes our CCTV towers consist of:

  • Facial acknowledgment – Make certain that only people with permission can enter your site utilizing facial acknowledgment innovation. Works in spite of masks and helmets.
  • Low light technology – With low light innovation that will produce razor-sharp images even on the darkest night, keep your property entirely secured around-the-clock.
  • Virtual tripwires – Create virtual tripwires that will offer far-off obstacles for intruders to safeguard particular areas.

Eco Tower

Our eco tower, the only fully eco-powered mobile CCTV tower in the UK, offeres 360-degree security, round-the-clock recording, and a 40-meter detection variety.

There is no need for battery changes, mains-powered cameras, or a generator due to the fact that our industry-leading mono-crystalline split cell BlueSolar Panels are more than capable of powering the total system.

Who requires a CCTV tower?

Construction Sites

Construction sites are prime candidates for mobile CCTV towers.

They frequently consist of large, challenging-to-reach areas with challenging terrain and no access to the electrical grid.

Rapid deployment CCTV towers are the best option for construction site security offering unrivaled reliability and surveillance technology without the need for an expensive generator.

Void Property

Among the simplest approaches to keep costs down on a vacant property is a CCTV tower that can carry out all the functions of an irreversible CCTV system, alarm system, and access control gate in one terrific plan.