Construction Site CCTV

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Construction Site Security

V-360 are experts in construction site security with over 10 years of experience establishing market leading products in the sector

We have produced a large assortment of inexpensive high quality building site security services, including mobile V-360 CCTV towers and our V-stile access control system.

All of our building site security solutions are totally CSCS certified and will help you get a higher BREEAM rating.

Why is construction site security so essential?

Construction sites in the UK are magnets for criminal activity, with theft costing the industry almost ₤ 800m in 2020 alone.

A failure to establish an effective construction site security system can lead to thousands of pounds worth of damage or taken items jeopardizing the success of your whole project.

At V-360 we take building site security seriously and have developed a range of highly effective security solutions using the latest readily available innovation in the security market.

Access Control


Because our V-Stile systems are completely customizable and made-to-measure, we can offer exceptionally effective access control regardless of the size of your facility.

Integrated tablet

We have created a touchscreen tablet with an android os that can be utilized for biometric access control and securely shop finger print and face recognition data.


In order to keep complete control over access at all times, we can provide you a standalone access turnstile that can be incorporated into your current border.

Security officers designated to entry points can easily activate them to make it possible for manual admittance if necessary.


We have a wide choice of access options that can be implemented into your turnstiles and tablets as every construction site has unique demands.

Fast installation

All of our access control systems for construction sites are simple to execute and takes just one day.

CCTV Towers

One of the very best security techniques for preventing criminal behaviour on any property is installing CCTV.

Regrettably, given the short-term nature of the project, the lack of access to mains power, and the size of many sites, executing a standard system on a building site is often difficult and unwise.

Thankfully, we have the solution.

V360 CCTV Tower

The V-360 CCTV tower leads the market in quick release mobile CCTV monitoring, with a 7m telescopic pole enabling 360º protection up to a range of 75 m.

Key features

Self Sufficient

Our CCTV towers require little to no continuing maintenance because they are either self-powered by solar panels or fitted with a wise V-cube that can last as much as 21 days.

Fast Deployment

The V-360 CCTV tower may be quickly and easily installed in essentially any setting or surface.

Trespasser Detection

The V-360 CCTV tower will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) learning, motion detection, and virtual tripwires to quickly recognize trespassers on your property.

Live Response

When an intruder activates your monitored CCTV tower system, our central alarm getting centre will be alerted.

Remote Monitoring

Not just will a team of security professionals have the ability to monitor your security system, but you will have the ability to do so also, with remote monitoring readily available from throughout the world through mobile app.