CCTV Cameras For Construction Sites

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Construction Site Security

V-360 are market leading building site security experts with over ten years of experience producing market-leading innovations in the field.

We have created a wide selection of inexpensive high quality building site security services, including mobile V-360 CCTV towers and our V-stile access control system.

All our construction site security systems are fully CSCS integrated and will assist contribute towards your BREEAM rating.

Why is construction site security so essential?

Construction sites in the United Kingdom are a haven for lawbreakers, with theft costing services in the sector about ₤ 800 million in 2020 alone.

Failure to construct a strong construction site security system will likely result lead to countless pounds worth of damage or taken items, jeopardising the general success of your project.

V-360 has actually developed a range of extremely effective security solutions employing the most recent innovations in the security sector. We take construction site security seriously.

Access Control


Our V-Stile systems are fully customisable and made-to-measure, suggesting that whatever the size of your site we will be able to offer highly efficient access control.

Integrated tablet

We have produced a touchscreen tablet with an android operating system that can be utilized for biometric access control and safely store finger print and face recognition information.


In order to maintain complete control over access at all times, we can supply you a standalone access turnstile that can be integrated into your current boundary.

Security officers designated to entry points can quickly trigger them to make it possible for manual admittance if necessary.


Every construction site has a distinct set of requirements, therefore we provide a large selection of access options that might be included into your turnstiles and tablets.

Fast installation

All of our access control systems for construction sites are simple to carry out and takes just one day.

CCTV Towers

One of the best security steps against criminal activity on any property is the installation of CCTV.

Sadly, given the transient nature of the project, the lack of access to mains power, and the size of many sites, implementing a standard system on a building site is sometimes difficult and impracticable.

Thankfully, we have the solution.

V360 CCTV Tower

The V-360 CCTV tower leads the market in rapid implementation mobile CCTV monitoring, with a 7m telescopic pole offering 360º protection approximately a range of 75 m.

Key features

Self Sufficient

Our CCTV towers require little to no continuing maintenance due to the fact that they are either self-powered by photovoltaic panels or fitted with a wise V-cube that can last up to 21 days.

Fast Deployment

The V-360 CCTV tower may be quickly set up in virtually any area or surface.

Trespasser Detection

The V-360 CCTV tower will be equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) learning, motion detection, and virtual tripwires to rapidly determine trespassers on your property.

Live Response

The moment that your monitored CCTV tower system is activated as a result of an intruder our central alarm receiving centre will look out.

Remote Monitoring

Not only will a team of security experts have the ability to monitor your security system, but you will be able to do so too, with remote monitoring available from anywhere in the globe through mobile app.