Fire Evacuation System

for construction site fire safety

Fire Evacuation System

A Fire Evacuation System is a necessity for construction site fire safety. If you’re looking for a fire evacuation system then the V-360 V-Fire system is the answer.


With the V-360 fire evacuation system installed you have peace of mind that your site is monitored for fire detection and will activate a quick response where required, while maintaining critical construction site fire safety.

V-360’s wireless fire alarm, fire evacuation system is manufactured to the highest standard to ensure reliable construction site fire safety.

Our experience with the fire evacuation system allows us to offer you superior fire evacuation system packages with many benefits including:

  • Fire evacuation system provides safety for all site workers and visitors
  • Fire evacuation system has auto smoke and heat detection
  • Fire evacuation system supports health & safety requirements
  • Fire evacuation system is battery operated and has no wires or cables
  • Fire evacuation system has low battery and disconnection warnings
  • Fire evacuation system reduces construction site safety risks and meets all safety requirements

The fire evacuation system is easy to install and simple to use. The innovative construction site fire safety fire evacuation system will provide you with a wireless fire alarm system that’s at the top of its game.

What is a fire evacuation system? It’s a tough reliable and simple to use system designed for construction site deployment. It can be installed quickly and with no fuss. This high value cost effective fire evacuation system solution comes with full training on the system for ease of use. The result; a construction site fire safety fire evacuation system that monitors, detects and responds 24/7 – “That’s a fire evacuation system at it’s very best”

V-360’s fire evacuation system provides the most advanced wireless construction site fire safety available and will deliver all your fire evacuation system requirements on your site. Even if your requirement is short-term we can provide a temporary fire evacuation system.

Hire some peace of mind today and call to find out more about our fire evacuation system.

In addition to our fire evacuation system, we also offer a wide range of construction site security products and services including:

  • Mobile security towers
  • Construction site CCTV
  • Biometric turnstiles