CCTV Tower

Looking for a CCTV tower? The V360 CCTV rapid deployment tower could be just the solution…


Owing in part to the current difficult economic climate, theft is at an all time high and as such there has never been a better time to get your CCTV tower service right as there is just now. The days of a high cost guarding solution are numbered, as is the diminishing appetite for cheap, domestic grade fixed and temporary CCTV tower solutions that let you down when put to the test. Cost against value is a high priority for all at the moment and the rapid deployment tower V360 temporary CCTV security system offers a high value to cost solution.

The next generation of CCTV tower ‘s from V360

So if you were looking at traditional a CCTV tower solution you will be pleased to learn that V360 can provide a cost effective next generation CCTV tower solution.

The V360 fully monitored rapid deployment CCTV tower ‘s are a highly visible and capable security deterrent. Using the latest security technology to detect and deter unwanted intruders makes it the most robust CCTV tower system on the market today and stands unrivaled as the most reliable and efficient CCTV rapid deployment tower system available.

It’s a big ruggedised CCTV tower for quick deployment in all-terrains offering you the flexibility that traditional CCTV tower systems cannot provide by being able to move your CCTV tower location as your security needs change giving you full security protection against intrusion without the need to re-cable a fixed CCTV tower system. This keeps your V360 security coverage at an optimum level without the re-cabling problems of a fixed CCTV tower system.

Possibly the most advanced CCTV tower system

The V360 CCTV tower system can be monitored remotely through either 3G or WiFi connectivity enabling live CCTV images to be sent to any monitoring station or laptop in the world instantly 24hrs a day. Other benefits of the V360 rapid deployment tower include:

  • A dedicated stand-alone CCTV tower system.
  • Can work in conjunction with conventional manned guarding solutions.
  • View live CCTV security images from your site directly on your laptop, smartphone or office system.
  • V360 rapid deployment towers can run off a generator or mains power and will work without power for up to 24 hours.
  • Re-deployment of the CCTV tower (once every 3 months) should it be required.

The V360 CCTV rapid deployment tower is a premium CCTV tower product which is fully integrated and self sufficient - no land line, no CCTV cabling, not even a power supply! The camera head of choice on our tower is the 360 Predator LED White Light unit which has an auto tracking feature that has an overwhelming effect on any intruder when used in conjunction with an audio challenge. We look to integrate the V360 CCTV rapid deployment tower with high end equipment such as CCTV tower cameras and detection to protect the isolated areas of your site. This gives you consistently high quality throughout our systems.

CCTV tower that's monitored 24/7

Once the V360 CCTV tower is installed it is then fully armed with detection and patrolling PTZ cameras. When an intruder enters a V360 site they will trigger an activation alarm from the detector back to the tower. The V360 CCTV rapid deployment tower will throw 100m LED White Light onto the area of detection, locate the intruder and track their every movement whilst notifying the monitoring station of the security incident. The monitoring station will receive a live visual feed of the intruder and will issue an audio challenge through the V360 PA system, this will be a commanding instruction to leave the site immediately otherwise the Police will be called. Between the White Light and the audio challenge, in the vast majority of cases such an assertive reaction will render the intruder compliant.

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